Do you need a video that actually gets attention?

Pananda is Shaun Wilson, a director and editor based in Hobart, Tasmania. Pananda partners with a bunch of other talented people to make cool stuff for you.

TV commercials, online campaigns, corporate promos, explainer videos, whatever - we’ll write and execute something people will want to watch, not want to be over.

The Unconformity 2016

The festival needed to establish itself in the Tasmanian mindset again after rebranding from the Queenstown Heritage & Arts Festival. This commercial is a spiritual sequel to the 2014 TVC.

Public Trustee

An AT+M Marketing campaign for the Public Trustee to get people talking about their wills in everyday conversation. Check out the other three: Tree, Bedroom, and Beach.

The Wanderer

The highway along the East Coast of Tasmania was being rebranded as the Great Eastern Drive, and needed something to intrigue people enough to not just take the drive, but explore along the way. We created the Wanderer concept and executed this video as part of a broader campaign from Why Then How.

Secretly Dramatic

There's you, and there's the you that you wish you could be in public. Cooper Screen Academy wanted to encourage people with a hidden dramatic edge to join up and learn how to bring it out. You can also check out Problem Solver and Rebel.

CSIRO Manufacturing

CSIRO had been working with manufacturers on some advanced new approaches to making stuff, and wanted to communicate it all in an engaging and accessible way. So we plonked Jane in a spaceship.



Queenstown Heritage & Arts Festival 2014

Queenstown is a strange and magical place. It hosts a regular arts festival. We created this commercial to get people along.

CSIRO Project Animations

Australia's legendary research body were looking for some quick and punchy explanations for some of their successful projects. Above is Phased Array Feeds, but you can also check out 3D Printing and Longwall Automation.



Just Stop

A tourism commercial to get Tasmanians to the East Coast in winter. We came up with the Just Stop concept, and created this commercial as part of a bigger campaign from Why Then How.

The Unconformity - Teaser

The Queenstown Heritage & Arts festival rebranded in 2015 as the Unconformity. This video launched the new direction.

Noirhouse Series 2

The first series caught some attention, and Screen Australia, Screen Tasmania, and the ABC came on board to make six new episodes. You can watch the new series on ABC iview right now.


Metro Champion

Agency Red Jelly came up with the idea of selling public transport with a lovable weirdo. Pananda directed and cut this TV commercial to go with a broader campaign.


Gruen Pitch Winner

The Gruen shows are famous for their Pitch competition, where agencies compete to sell a ridiculous idea. Red Jelly had won it before, and decided to involve us this time. We took their script and shot & cut this ad. It won.

Sense-T Explainer

Sense-T are a company full of geniuses doing cool stuff. But cool stuff that is hard to communicate. We developed this explainer to get the message across.




MyState wanted their annual student film festival to become more of an icon, and attract better films from more students, particularly older ones. We created this campaign to get teenagers excited about making whatever they love.



Noirhouse Series 1

An award-winning web series created by Sky Machine, Pananda’s brother organisation. Shaun co-created, directed, produced, and edited the series.


Cradle Coast

Tasmania’s inner North-West is a rather wild place. Red Jelly created this campaign to get people up there. We directed & cut this commercial from their script.